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This book is about accomplishing the mission of financial freedom – a mission that will turn you into a financial warrior and force your apologies, excuses, guilt, and hesitation to take a back seat. It presents to you a straightforward, unapologetic approach to rescuing yourself from a life of financial mediocrity, empowering you to be financially transformed.

The universe and its riches are not against you. It’s about time you wake up to the fact that your financial security and freedom are in your control, that you can choose your financial future. It’s time to win the war against outdated and traditional beliefs about money and success. You’ll become a victor and no longer a victim as you rise up to fulfill your purpose in this life.

Isn’t it about time to destroy the excuses you make about not being financially fulfilled and, instead, to gain the competency to make decisions based on what you want and not what you have to settle for?

Rich Soldier Covers the Following:

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real estate

Real Estate Opportunities

Investing in real estate is one of the fastest and most lucrative strategies that can assist in adding to your wealth portfolio. From flipping houses to owning rental properties and beyond, Rich Soldier has prepared an exceptional real estate program.

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Online Marketing

Online Marketing is an ever-evolving workload that contains design, programming, building a sales funnel, list-building, advertising and much more. We have several strategies for you to take advantage of these areas within Rich Soldier that will help you get started or to help your business grow.

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If you are the “idea guy” and enjoy coming up with new inventions and ways to improve on products and services, then allow Rich Soldier to help you take your idea a step further into the realm of prototype development, partnership strategies and overall to license your idea to the right company.

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Are you looking to simply get involved into an already working business model? The franchise world is filled with opportunities that have already done much of the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is to select which one is right for you and get the financing in order. On the other hand, if you already have a business that can be copy/pasted, then allow Rich Soldier to show you how to grow your business through a franchise program.

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You might be an entrepreneur who is working on a startup or have an idea for a startup. Either way, we all need working capital in our businesses and we show you how to attract investors who are likely to become investors. Additionally, if you are financially sound, than we can show you startups and other areas of investing in that you may be interested in yourself.

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Investment Opportunities


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