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About Lee Escobar

Lee Escobar is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, business owner and real estate investor who also teaches others how to become financially free by teaching his unique set of foundational and wealth-building principles called The Wealth Ethics. These proven principles have been taught in his seminars throughout the country and have helped tens of thousands enjoy amazing financial transformations by providing financial security and freedom for them. He now gives everyone the opportunity to learn about what it takes to achieve true wealth through his new book Rich Soldier.

What is Rich Soldier?

This is a straight forward, unapologetic approach toward gaining financial wealth for everyone – military and civilian alike. This book is about creating the wealth you need in order to have the rewarding life that you always dreamed of which manifests itself when you are able to fulfill your dreams, goals and passions. This book is jammed-packed with easy and executable step-by-step instructions on how to create the foundation to get wealth to pursue you as you pursue it. This book removes our one-sided, singular and outdated ways of thinking that controls any chance to achieve financial security and freedom.

This book will teach you:

  • How to tap into your unlimited potential to take charge of your financial future by awakening the rich and wealthy person inside of you so can be Rich Soldier.
  • Each one of us faces our own battles because of internal programming from past teachings about success, money and financial security. You will learn how to control your old programming and eliminate the voice of indecision that cripples financial victory.
  • How to initiate The Wealth Ethics to achieve wealth and success by having wealth pursue you as you pursue it.
  • A road map to avoid the simple mistakes most entrepreneurs make in running their business and investments.
  • Introducing the Triad of Success! A unique approach to controlling, keeping and guaranteeing your financial freedom.
  • Understanding what a courage point is so you can get out of your comfort zone and accomplish the mission.
  • And many more never heard of before ideas and concepts to give you the edge you need to be victorious while in the battle for long lasting wealth!